Wednesday, May 2, 2007

ROAD to VOW-age

In response to my "Great News" post on Religious Life Rocks Jenny KT commented and asked the question: "What's up with three years?"

Very good question!

Ok...I have just been approved for 1st profession which puts me in the category of temporary vows. I am still in the initial process of joining the community. This time of formation allows me to be a "full member" of the congregation AND continue the discernment process to see if this religious life thing continues to be a fit for me.

When we begin the process the community gets to send in letters and recommendations about you. I also had to pick 5 people to do a formal evaluation of me. I submit an extensive self-assessment and my novice minister evaluates me as well. All of this is collected and a group of sisters (whom are kept anonymous) make up what's called "The Review Board". They read through everything and make recommendations on whether or not I should be accepted for vows and also identify areas of strengths and areas of growth for me as I continue to integrate into community. This recommendation and all of the materials then go to the Provies who read through everything and discuss. They make the final decision...gotta love the Provies. All of this process is quite affirming...not scary...affirming!

We can request 1st vows for 1, 2, or 3 years. I requested for 3 because I AM READY. I mean I AM R-E-A-D-Y. It's like this: 1 year...and you barely get into it and then you are going through the process again. 2 years seems too short, but's like "vow me baby" and I can just live!

Plus...I'm just at this really good place with my discernment. I know this is where I am called, I am at home, and it is in such a grounded place that I requested to make vows...3 years seems like the right thing for me. I'm glad the Provies agreed.

So now you ask, "So 3 years...then what?"

Well...three years and then I can either request final vows (FOR LIFE! LIFE! LIFE! LIFE! LIFE! LIFE!) or renew for up to 6 more years until requesting final vows. It's a process....we keep discerning. If you ask me today what I'm thinking...I think next stop LIFE ladies! But that's getting a little ahead of myself.

So that's why "3 years"...


Jenny KT said...

OK Sr. Katy...I get that you're ready to commit to the Fransican lifestyle (I know quite a few who have!); however, I'm still confused as to why you chose to commit to three years for your temporary vows?!? If you're really ready for final vows at this point, why not commit to one year and then take the final vows? Does my question make sense? I could try and draw a map of my thought process, but that may confuse things even greater... Jenny KT

Sister_Katy said...

Oh...yes...see this is good. We need clarification.

The MINIMUM years you have to be in temporary vows is 3 years. If I made vows for 1 or 2, I'd need to renew several times before requesting final vows. Now renewing isn't bad at all, it's good! But every time you renew you go through the whole evaluation process again. I would like to make vows for 3 years right off the bat and then hopefully be ready for final vows and not renew in between. Make sense?

Jenny KT said...

Gotcha! Now I'm in the know and it's all making sense...what a great way to start the day! Thanks for the clarification! JKT

Tweetrb said...

Sister Kathy~ I am a grad student in CT working on my masters in religious studies. I have just decided to write my thesis on womens religous orders. A part of my thesis will be about how young woman are joining orders and thier modivations and such like that. its in its VERY VERY early stages. But i thought i would say hey and get a lil diaolge going on with some young nuns:) and that has lead me to look in to all you bloggin nuns which is awesome!
Take care:)

Sister_Katy said...

Very cool, Lisa! Good luck; if I can be of any help, please let me know!
S. Katy

Sister_Katy said...

Very cool, Lisa! Good luck; if I can be of any help, please let me know!
S. Katy

Sister Rose said...

Congratulations Sister Katy!!!
I have just been checking out some of the nun blogs, and noticed your announcement. So when is the the special day?
I think I may have met you in St. Charles at the vocation weekend they had there. I just received notice that I have been accepted to renew my vows this August. Please say a little prayer for me.
God bless and keep you!
Sister Rose Therese, O.S.F.

Holy Water Salt said...

I can't find your email anywhere...
so I will write here. Sorry.

I am wondering if you wilbe taking the habit?

If not, why?

I visited your other blog and I loved your kindergarten pic, but thought how beautifulit would have been if you were veiled.

My 10 yr.old want to be a fransiscan